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Hi, we are the hungry camp cooks!

We are a Father and Son pair that like to get out to bike, hike, kayak, sail, and camp so we’re often hungry. The recipes on this website should be easy to cook on a camping stove or even an open fire. Many meals can be prepared in advance.

We like to keep things simple so you should be able to find all the ingredients in Walmart, Costco, Loblaws (we’re in Canada), or your local supermarket. Enjoy.

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My Recent Recipes, Equipment & How To-Guides!

Tasty Black Beans & Rice

Beans and rice is a staple for people worldwide, and this recipe is both tasty and nutritious. Easy to cook in the great outdoors or prepare in advance. This beans and rice recipe lends itself to being a side dish or main course for lunch or dinner.

Build a Campfire for Cooking

Here’s a quick guide to starting and enjoying a campfire. The advice is for a campfire at a designated campsite, the beach, or a picnic area.

Basic Campfire Cooking Equipment

Who remembers sitting out on a Summer evening with logs on the campfire glowing red with the sizzle of sausages? Camping, campfires, and camp cooking just seem to fit……………….